Quality is our commitment to you.

Top quality equipment rentals with Greenleaf will streamline current waste disposal operations, decrease waste storage requirements, and translate into long-term cost savings.

Specializing in renting rebuilt compaction equipment is how Greenleaf maintains affordable and comprehensive rates. New equipment rentals are available, selectively and as needed per location.

Greenleaf's rental program is inclusive of freight, delivery, installation and maintenance. Technicians are ready to visit your location to assist you with compaction equipment selection and installation details.

Key Features & Benefits

Durable. Reliable. Safe.

  • Each piece of rebuilt inventory meets high-standard criterion including ANSI requirements
  • Did you know that every Greenleaf piece of equipment goes through numerous point inspections? 

24/7/365 Repair Request Access

  • If the equipment is not operating properly, a technician is dispatched immediately and normally within 24-hours the equipment is functioning properly.

All equipment is rebuilt

  • Greenleaf equipment undergo hours of renewing – in addition to meticulous inspections – for compaction equipment that looks and operates like new.

Fixed Payments and No Repair Bills

  • All rentals include maintenance services, so you can feel confident when choosing Greenleaf as your equipment provider.
  • Rental equipment will be replaced at no additional cost to your business if it is not repairable. 

Our Teams and Technicians

  • Our representatives’ interests are aligned with yours so they can focus on finding the best-fit equipment for the location’s needs.  

Greenleaf relies on the customer or the location to provide the following prior to an equipment rental installation:

Electrical: The site must provide adequate power supply and a lockable fused disconnect box must be within sight of the compaction equipment.  The disconnect must be located within 10ft. of the compaction equipment.  In addition, electrical maintenance, fuses, and voltage must be provided.

Concrete Pad: The site must designate an area with a concrete pad.  Preferred dimensions of the concrete pad are 10’wide and a length of 5’ greater than the combined length of the compactor and container.
Examples include:
Pad: 10’ wide x 40’ long for a stationary compactor and receiver container
Pad: 10’ wide x 35’ long for a self-contained compactor
The pad should be a minimum of 300 P.S.I. concrete, wire mesh reinforced and 6” thick.

Lastly, all applicable taxes and insurance coverage apply. 

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