Purchasing compaction equipment through Greenleaf allows your location to receive the best purchase rate within the marketplace. Greenleaf is not limited to one manufacturer and has the ability to present purchase options within budget.

At Greenleaf, we understand that no two locations are alike.  We will match our compaction expertise with your business to propose a machine that improves operations, is worthy of your investment, meets safety requirements; increases diversion rates, and enhances your sustainability mission.

Before purchasing your trash compactor with us, we will coordinate a site visit with a skilled technician that specializes in qualifying the installation requirements.

Once the information is collected and thoroughly reviewed, your location’s requirements will be matched with the best manufacturers equipment at the most aggressive rate.  
Greenleaf’s purchase program is inclusive of freight, delivery, and installation.
Maintenance Services are available and offered as a separate option.

Dry Waste Streams

As a decision-maker, you are constantly finding ways to optimize your business, improve efficiency, and reduce costs. You are looking for ways to improve the productivity of your fassets, improve the safety of your operations, and maintain the cleanliness of the facility.  

How can our purchase solutions help?

Dry waste streams can consist of card board, Styrofoam, paper, or other packaging items composed of very little weight when thrown into front loading containers that are hauled frequently.  The expense of hauling services is often dependent of the frequency of service days.  When lightweight items are fed into compaction equipment, service days can decrease dramatically and the conversion pays for itself.

Once a piece of compaction equipment is purchased, your location has the freedom to secure the best hauler without jeopardizing equipment fees or removal when future changes occur. 

Our offerings: 

  • Stationary Compactors
  • Apartment Compactors
  • Auger Stationary Compactors


Wet Waste Streams

As an operations and facility focused professional, you are responsible to make sure you are able to keep all waste collection points odor, spill, and hazard free.  You need to make sure you distribute hauling costs in a balanced way across all assets.

How can our purchase solutions help?

Wet waste streams require special handling and specific collection containers.  Without the proper compaction equipment, locations are at risk of incurring environmental fines or hauling trip charges when front loading and aged containers are too heavy. 

Without watertight compaction equipment, locations may face leakage, insect or rodent infestations, and unsanitary conditions.  These examples can cause unplanned expenses when front loading containers are exchanged or third-party professional services are employed to combat the unexpected.

Once Greenleaf acquires the installation requirements and understands the volume of waste, our Equipment Team is able to provide the best investment option and deliver a sustaining solution to maximize ROI targets.

Our offerings

  • Self-contained compactors
  • Extruders



As a responsible facility management and operations professional, you want to ensure the recycling solutions align with commodity market trends and insure maximum rebate gain. You also need to ensure the solutions you procure for the business are easy to use, have a minimum footprint, work well with the investments you have already made for your organization and can be maintained with the least amount of cost.

How can our purchase solutions help?

Recycling rebates are dependent of many factors including labor costs. Investing in a baler simplifies recycling efforts because they are non-labor intensive, quick, efficient, and pack tight, dense bales ready for market. 

Baler purchases can include a variety of options for easy loading including conveyor, ground, or dock fed applications.

Can you imagine running your facility’s recycling more efficiently?
Greenleaf’s is ready to help.

Our offerings

  • Horizontal Balers 
  • Vertical Balers
  • EPS Densifiers 


Specialty Equipment

Specialty Equipment is available for unique waste streams. Augurs for wooden pallets, shredders for various plastic containers and liquid extruders to remove dated product are a few examples of specialty equipment helping to manage a company’s unique waste stream. Horizontal balers are also available to manage a client’s increasing recyclable waste stream.

Upon learning more about your waste collection project, Greenleaf will be able to recommend a best-fit solution. Modifications to existing equipment configurations are also considered specialty work under Greenleaf’s scope of services. Read More Greenleaf’s knowledgeable team is able to recommend and install any type of specialty equipment needed to handle unique waste streams or large volumes. Technicians prefer to modify standard equipment whenever possible, to keep rates low.

How can our purchase solutions help?

Greenleaf relies on the customer or the location to provide the following prior to an equipment purchase installation:

Electrical: The site must provide adequate power supply and a lockable fused disconnect box must be within sight of the compaction equipment.  The disconnect must be located within 10ft. of the compaction equipment.  In addition, electrical maintenance, fuses, and voltage must be provided.

Concrete Pad: The site must designate an area with a concrete pad.  Preferred dimensions of the concrete pad are 10’wide and a length of 5’ greater than the combined length of the compactor and container.
Examples include:
Pad: 10’ wide x 40’ long for a stationary compactor and receiver container
Pad: 10’ wide x 35’ long for a self-contained compactor
The pad should be a minimum of 300 P.S.I. concrete, wire mesh reinforced and 6” thick.

Lastly, all applicable taxes and insurance coverage apply. 

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