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Greenleaf Compaction understands how to supply what your location demands.

Our national turn-key rental and purchase programs meet service and price points required.



Food & Retail Locations

Food Services

When it comes to choosing an environmental partner, forward-thinking restaurants and chains select Greenleaf for a full menu of equipment options.

Our experience in the industry has led us to develop fully integrated equipment solutions and services that allow any size restaurant to control costs or increase recycling.

From training front line crews in proper equipment usage procedures, to assisting with solving health, safety, and regulatory compliance issues, Greenleaf brings proven equipment installation techniques and applications to your table.  Our vast infrastructure allows us to offer the best technical support and maintenance programming to our customers 24/7/365.

Retail Services

Greenleaf proactively collaborates with Food & Retail customers to manage materials and reduce hauling service visits through compaction applications.

Our experts stand ready to design and implement long-term and durable compaction solutions that maximize cost savings and health and safety standards for employees and visitors.  We can ensure equipment placements that enhance your sustainably driven goals and environmental performance.

Rely on Greenleaf to provide a totally customizable suite of equipment options and services that deliver substantial business value across your entire enterprise and allow you to focus on what you do best.
The type of Food & Retail Customers Greenleaf serves:

  • Retail
  • Grocery Store/Chain
  • Restaurants

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Commercial Property

Our commercial customers range from small businesses to urban buildings with high volume waste streams.  Greenleaf’s equipment options provide facilities with clean and streamlined waste collection process or recycle opportunity.  We have the capability to provide personalized solutions for large, multi-national companies, who require personalized attention and service from a partner.

Commercial customers have been the foundation of Greenleaf’s success and we are proud of the longstanding relationships that have been established and maintained within this business sector.
The type of Commercial Customers Greenleaf serves:

  • Grocery stores
  • Restaurants 
  • Gas stations 
  • Warehouses

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Federal Buildings

Greenleaf has outstanding references with a variety of governmental contracts.  We are proud to secure government requests for bid, meeting all specifics demanded from a provider. 

The type of Governmental Customers Greenleaf serves:

  • Courthouses 
  • Counties or Townships 
  • Government and Federal Buildings 
  • Government Agencies 
  • Defense Contractors 

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Educational Facilities

Greenleaf offers a variety of flexible compaction programs for educational facilities, colleges and universities.

  • K-12 Education

Our education facility solutions include waste programs that reduce costs and provide long-term benefits.

  • Colleges & Universities

Our model helps you weave sustainability into the very fabric of campus life. More importantly, we can offer solar power solutions to meet your environmental campaigns.

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HealthCare Solutions

Our healthcare, compaction equipment and asset-managed programs help reduce cost, reduce disruption in service and provide efficient processes for your employees.  What you need is a partner who is here to protect your interests & reduce equipment down time while protecting your bottom line.  We are your partner.

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Manufacturing & Industrial

Our innovative compaction, disposal and zero-waste solutions are ideal for your business.  Greenleaf will develop and provide custom equipment solutions to meet your ever-changing needs.  We offer traditional compaction equipment as well as specialized recycling equipment, conveyors, dumpers, collection carts and monitors.  Our goal is to help the plant reduce material handling, reduce unnecessary hassles and distractions associated with collecting and disposing of your debris.

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Our compaction solutions and programs for cities create safe, sustainable environments for communities.  Our compaction equipment and asset-managed programs help organizations address major environmental concerns such as: site preparations, proper equipment type and size, budgeting needs and diligent communication from start to completion of the project..

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Regional & National Multi-location

Our expansive compaction programs provide numerous options for regional, national, and potentially, international customers.  Greenleaf offers competitive regional solutions by leveraging local vendors to provide timely service, equipment solutions and maintenance service.  At the same time, our presence is nationwide including all 50 states, Puerto Rico, Guam, Virgin Islands and Canada.  Through our asset-management system, we can manage and track your equipment needs no matter how many sites you might have or where they are located.

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