Our goal is to provide equipment choices and solutions that meet the operational and location requirements defined by our customers to create business value.

The Greenleaf equipment suite includes solutions for dry and wet waste streams, recyclables, and space restricted areas. Any specialty disposal circumstances facilities may be challenged on an ongoing basis.

Greenleaf Equipment Suite

Apartment Compactors

When space is limited, these high efficiency compaction machines are designed to be solution oriented. Read More These machines are installed in basements, apartment high-rise complexes, restaurants and even small retail locations.  Apartment compactors provide solutions for areas that have minimal space for waste containers.  This equipment is available as small as 2 cubic yards or as large as 30 cubic yards and will compress waste streams into small convenient bundles. Read Less

Compaction Containers

Paired with stationary compactors, containers are typically specified in 40 cubic yards size. Durable and available for most roll-off truck hoists. Read More Paired with stationary compactors, containers are specified in 40 cubic yards size. When space is restricted or locations need a container with reduced yardage, Greenleaf is able to accommodate by creating custom containers. Greenleaf can provide containers with understructures that fit most roll-off truck hoists.  Containers are extremely durable for all waste streams and climates. Read Less
See specification sheet.


Efficiently achieve product destruction and compact large bulky items to reduce trash volumes, Pre-crushers are the most powerful stationary compactor model. Read More Large bulky waste streams produced from industrial and commercial facilities are best to load into a pre-crusher compactor.  Pre-crushers can handle product destruction, drums, glass, metal, wood, or other similar large and difficult items. Sizes range from 3 cubic yards to 7 cubic yards, and Greenleaf can build custom applications that keep locations debris free and people safe. Pre-crushers reduce the volume of bulk material before moving it into the receiving container after it is crushed with heavy duty reinforced steel. Read Less

Self-Contained Compactors

Designed to primarily handle wet waste, this equipment will reduce labor and collection costs associated with disposal and hauling. Read More Self-contained compactors are available in a variety of sizes ranging from 10 cubic yards to 39 cubic yards.  These machines are designed for both wet and dry waste streams with large feed openings and high container storage capacity.  Greenleaf will customize any self-contained compactor specific to a location’s needs and demands.  The compactor body and container are built as integrated unit and are taken to the landfill together to store and transport your waste. Read Less
See specification sheet.

Stationary Compactors

Built to handle daily waste disposal schedules, stationary compactors are durable machines that will provide years of service.  Stationary compactors are designed for dry waste streams. Read More Stationary compactors allow locations to reduce collection pick-ups and compact even the bulkiest of waste.  The reliable performance of stationary compactors is ideal for commercial or industrial locations. Stationary compactors are available from 2 cubic yards through 7 cubic yards, and are typically paired with 40 cubic yards receiver containers. Stationary compactors are typically paired with 40 cubic yards receiver containers. When taken to the landfill, only the container is removed from the location. Read Less
See specification sheet.

Specialty Equipment

Greenleaf extends the option to purchase customized and specialty equipment such as horizontal balers, augers, shredders, or liquid extruders. Upon learning more about your waste collection project, Greenleaf will be able to recommend a best-fit solution.  Modifications to existing equipment configurations are also considered specialty work under Greenleaf’s scope of services. Read More Greenleaf’s knowledgeable team is able to recommend and install any type of specialty equipment needed to handle unique waste streams or large volumes.  Technicians prefer to modify standard equipment whenever possible, to keep rates low. Read Less

Vertical Balers

Recycling targets can be achieved with ease. Balers are designed to handle a variety of material and tonnage volumes. Read More Vertical balers are durable and require little maintenance.  Recycling bales up to 1,300 pounds are easily made to capture the maximum recycling rebate available. Both 60” and 72” models are available and low profile models are installed for areas with restricted height and space.  These machines have a small footprint and multiple safety features. Vertical balers can help to reduce regularly hauled mixed waste streams up to 90%. Greenleaf also has bale wire available for sale, available for shipment nationwide.Read Less
See specification sheet.

Vertical Compactors

Vertical compactors can be emptied with a front load collection truck, simplifying pick up and the overall footprint.  This equipment is an affordable and space saving selection. Read More Ideal for locations with space restrictions, vertical compactors can be configured for left, rear, or right feed to accommodate loading needs.  Vertical compactors are quick to compact with remarkable efficiency.  Compaction ratios maximize hauling visits and prove economically sound for waste stream management.  Since these machines can be serviced with a front load garbage truck and require approximately the same space that a front load commercial container would need, converting to a compaction unit is an easy sustainable step to make. Read Less
See specification sheet.

These represent the vast inventory of equipment Greenleaf has experience installing, operating, repairing, and teaching your location how to use safely.

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