Our products are a web-based suite of solutions that include route optimization, planning, scheduling, dynamic dispatching, mobile communication and GPS real-time asset tracking.

Greenleaf Compaction, a wholly owned subsidiary of Waste Management, provides a wide variety of equipment nationwide that optimizes disposal practices in order to maximize operational cost savings, hauling efficiency, and commodity rebates.

Through our extensive inventory of both new and reconditioned equipment, industry expertise, 24/7/365 personalized customer service, and reporting services Greenleaf Compaction is the preferred-nationwide supplier of dependable compaction equipment.

Greenleaf Compaction has the largest US network of technicians handling compaction equipment installation and repair services.  With decades of experience and continued growth, Greenleaf Compaction understands how to supply what your location demands.  Ongoing account management services result in long-term onsite cost reductions.

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